How Does a Learning Strategy Get Realized? by Greg Smith

                            How you developed the strategy could pay huge dividends

“Inclusive involvement from various Key Stakeholders during the development phase can create Key Learning Advocates during the deployment and expedite the implementation.”!

What about a “Learning Culture”?

Creating a culture of learning would be a major enabler for any organization. A simplified view of what can result from implementing a “Learning Culture” is an Organization that continuously creates compelling reasons to learn and is rich with curious employees. This is a formula that would ensure any organization can sustain itself and prosper.

Combine the momentum that can be created in fostering a Learning Culture with the active involvement from the Learning Advocates during the development of the Learning Strategy sets the stage to possibly realize the strategy quite readily with minimal hiccups during deployment.

What ‘s the next move?

Consideration towards “how” is as important as choosing the “what” even when action planning.

Regardless of the level of complexity of the strategy, a solid change/project management framework should be followed including a robust accountability framework and measurement dashboard. 

One such model that may be considered is Sean Covey’s “The Four Disciplines of Execution”.

The model articulates an approach for any strategy which provides focused change management implementation and enabling a robust approach to those areas deemed critically important to an Organization’s state of business.

The four disciplines are:

1. Focus on the Wildly Important;

2. Act on the Lead Measures;

3. Keep a Compelling Scoreboard;

4. Create a Cadence of Accountability.

Any other readiness activities to suggest?

Some form of an “Organization Readiness Assessment” of its key stakeholders could be beneficial. This should be conducted by the team of individuals responsible for guiding the deployment. The strategic insight garnered by this activity will provide some guidance on how to deploy for maximize success! 

Is that it?

Well not quite, just a few more things that have been implied but are worthy of reminding………………

  • a sound communication plan
  • identified Learning Advocates actively engaging the workforce around LEARNING and
  • a number of visible Executive Sponsors explicitly demonstrating leadership that fuels the direction of the Learning Strategy.

      In summary, successful implementation of a learning strategy takes commitment to see it through and thoughtful leadership to REALIZE its associated benefits.