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Investigate, Research and Compare.


Create, Augment and Customize.


Deploy, Accountable and Measure.

Bridging the Chasm

Every Organization is faced with change and change creates a gap between where between the present and the future. Creating a means to overcome that gap is “BRIDGING THE CHASM”, GHS Enterprise’s raison d’être.

Learning & Strategy Consulting​

GHS Enterprise applies more than 35 years of consulting experience to bridge chasms created when organizations experience or anticipate change. Our high-impact activities focus on both Learning and Strategy services. These activities have included the design and/or facilitation of workshops, visioning, and culture-shaping interventions. We have created tactical deployment plans for the establishment of (re)new business directions as well as the development of both business and broad-based people and learning strategies.

We have worked with organizations reinventing themselves in the face of changing markets, those involved in mergers and acquisitions, and those looking to change the way they do business to be more effective and retain talent. In all scenarios, we recognize that one of the best ways an organization can embrace change is by “learning to learn”.


GHS Enterprise uses a proven approach to develop and deploy strategies and the provision of various learning services, combining both content and process expertise.

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Kaye & Associates

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Prior to branching out on his own, Greg was the National Director, Merger & Acquisition Services, Watson Wyatt for 5 years and Managing Partner, Strada Change Management for 10 years.

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What People are Saying

The result of the GHS approach was full engagement of business leaders across the organization which created a strong sense of ownership and provided mutual learning opportunities for all involved in the development of our Learning Strategy.
David Rathbun​
Sr. Vice President, Corporate Services, CHRO, Bell Aliant
The flexible GHS approach helped us to understand and articulate the unique challenges we faced, and then develop and deploy practical operational initiatives to build a high performance team of financial professionals.
Ron Smith