Welcome to GHS Enterprise

Where we bridge chasms

Strategy & Change Consulting

GHS Enterprise applies more than 35 years of consulting experience to bridge the chasms created when organizations experience or anticipate change.

Our high-impact activities range from writing job descriptions and facilitating workshops to creating core ideologies and culture-shaping. We have created tactical plans for the establishment of (re)new business directions to the development of both business and broad-based people and learning strategies.

We have worked with organizations reinventing themselves in the face of changing markets, those involved in mergers and acquisitions, and those looking to change the way they do business to be more effective and retain talent.

In all scenarios, we recognize that one of the best ways an organization can embrace change is by “learning to learn”.

Bridging the Chasm

Every Organization is faced with change and change creates a gap between where one is presently and where one would like to be. Creating a means to move from one place to another is "BRIDGING THE CHASM" which is GHS Enterprise's raison d'être.