Learning Consulting​

 What is the most prevailing ask from prospective employees in today’s market? 

The want and desire to be developed. 

GHS Learning

“Investing in people, the only possible appreciating asset

Driven by the Business Strategy and aligned with the People Strategy it includes the articulation of Core Purpose, Envisioned Future, required infrastructure and any or all elements indicated below:

Includes standardization of Instructional Design and Techniques to be deployed, Learning Investment Decisions, Accountability Frameworks and Measurement Dashboard creation.

This may include Explicit vs Implicit Leadership approaches, Conversations with Action, Development of Succession Planning, Culture Shaping Techniques and Tools, etc.

How we involve key stakeholders in Strategy Development pays huge dividends in the deployment with engaged Learning Advocates that will be instrumental in successful execution.

The development of a competency-based curriculum with life cycle and learning opportunities designed and/or identified within the journey.

This may include Orientation with Sustainability, Performance Consulting or other Topical Workshops with built in ROI.

A communication plan is an imperative. We will either work with an Internal Specialist or provide one to identify and deploy stakeholder specific messaging.

It provides a framework that captures all learning: Work Related; Social Interaction; and Structured Programs formally and informally within an Enterprise.

What Are Learning Lanes?

A Learning Lane is the journey of learning through the eyes of an employee during the tenure of work life in an organization. This map of learning is captured through People Practices. Some we know and can be described within our Organization’s typical People Practices, the ones we usually correlate with HR and/or L&D such as: Recruitment; Onboarding & Orientation; Performance Review Process, etc. Other People Practices might be less obvious such as Project Post Mortems” and “Team Meetings” even though they might be somewhat “institutionalized. Then there are others yet to be discovered that are less obvious. The objective is not to capture and institutionalize but to uncover, encourage and invest in these People Practices. Within all these People Practices lie valuable Learning Moments that could be made more explicit and embody a Culture of Learning that most of us aspire towards.

Observable People Practices above the “water line” and so much more to be found​


Inside the People Practices and More

A Collaborative Offering, Learning Lane Services

GHS Enterprise and Friesen, Kaye and Associates (FKA)’s Learning Strategy Development and Deployment services place the Learning Lane at center stage.

When developing and/or deploying a Strategy—whether Business, People, Talent or Learning—it should be a business intel imperative to capture what learning is going on and where it is happening. For an organization to prosper it must enable its Leaders to grasp the potential in: exploiting existing practices, enhancing existing learning moments, and envisioning/creating new learning opportunities.

FKA and GHS Enterprise are equipped to

Create a fully functional Learning Lane that is hyper linked to go behind each practice with one click and have access to all the potential learning an employee could experience or any subset service below:



Customized pathway reflective of the Organization’s desired culture

Unique templates that capture the information deemed critical



Methodologies for collecting information that engage and create advocates of the Lane

Project plan that ensures ownership of the Learning Lane by the Organization

A variety of applications on how the Learning Lane can be used which maximizes the build investment

Work with the organization’s IT group to automate and provide access to the desired level



Assemble all the practices along the predetermined pathway

Beta test the preferred application

Support the implementation and sustainment plan

What People Are Saying

Greg facilitated a number of learning strategy sessions with the Executive members of our Learning Steering Committee. He provides a unique blend of learning/leadership/culture development expertise. His research, sharing best practice and exceptional facilitation helped our team articulate our strategy, governance and framework. He was instrumental in defining a roadmap based on change management principles to successfully guide our implementation.
Learning Deployment Leader
Crown Corporation
Greg is a highly effective HR strategist and change driver. We worked together with a small team to build a learning strategy for a major organization and he brought immense knowledge, experience and drive to this complex project. He helped us clarify our vision, dig deep for the data to support the planning, provided the project management structure to ensure we achieved our objectives, and helped us reach substantive recommendations for change. The end result was more than a report and recommendations, however. He helped educate and empower a group of us to lead change in a complex environment, and the project armed us to develop meaningful leadership and learning initiatives that are still in place today. I would recommend Greg in either complex consulting projects, or in senior change leadership roles for organizations looking to shake up the status quo and make meaningful change.
Steve Ashton​
Director Organization Development Bell Aliant